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Tales of Wonder I & II

Tales of Wonder I And II(as seen on PBS) showcases Native American stories for children, as told in the Native American tradition by acclaimed storyteller and linguist Gregg Howard. “Tales of Wonder” has been used in a curriculum unit developed by the Stanford University Program on International and Cross-cultural Education.

Distinguished Awards:

  • Video of the Year, Parenting Magazine 2000
  • Bronze Video Award, Telly Awards 1999
  • Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award 1999
  • National Parenting Publications Award 1999

Tales of Wonder I
An enchanting collection of Indian stories and legends told from generation to generation. Entertainment for the whole family.

This DVD is narrated by acclaimed storyteller and linguist, Gregg Howard. who was recently awarded Storyteller of the Year by the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. Accompanied by Flutist Nash Hernandez and gifted sketch artist Kathleen Raymond Roan, who illustrates the stories as they unfold, Gregg entertains his audience with nine stories in all.

Stories included on Tales of Wonder I:

  • Rabbit & the Bear
  • Why Rabbit has a Short Tail
  • Why Possum’s Tail is Bare
  • The Ruby Necklace
  • Plieades and the Pine Tree
  • Why Little Grey Bat Flies at Night
  • Little Turtle and How His Shell Got Cracked
  • The Origin of Fire
  • How Deer Got the Antlers Instead of Rabbit

Tales of Wonder II
Tales of Wonder II is produced in the same award winning style as Tales of Wonder which has received numerous awards.

Tales of Wonder II, includes nine fireside stories told in the Native American tradition by acclaimed storyteller and linguist, Gregg Howard and accompanied by Flutist, William P. Gutierrez. Talented sketch artist Haley Burke creates drawings as the stories come to life. Tales of Wonder II entertains children and adults alike with Gregg's traditional way of Native American storytelling. Running Time 60 minutes

Stories included on Tales of Wonder II:

  • Flying Squirrel
  • Hawk & Hunter
  • Strawberries
  • Daughter of the Sun
  • Sky People
  • Democracy
  • Dream Catcher
  • The Ball Game
  • Orgin of Bluebonnets -

Steven R. Heape - Producer, Executive Producer
Chip Richie - Director, Producer
Gregg Howard - Presenter
Howard Tyler - Editor

Running Time 120 Minutes. Rated for all ages.
Close Captioned. NTSC All Regions.

Tales of Wonder I
Tales of Wonder II


Tales of Wonder
(Audio CD)


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